Infinity Notebook - Executive Size

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The Infinity Notebook has been designed as an infinitely reusable, customizable, notebook system.

While there are a few other reusable notebooks on the market, the Infinity Notebook is the first customizable notebook that you write in with a pen (not a dry-erase marker) and erase with an eraser or damp cloth.

How Infinity Notebooks Work


Write or draw in your Infinity Notebook using any of the following  supported writing utensils:

• Pilot FriXion Pens 
• Uniball R:E Pens 
• Pilot FriXion Stamps 
• Pilot FriXion Highlighters  

Note: Pilot FriXion Markers can also be used in your Infinity Notebook and will clean off well but we've left them off the list as they are prone to smudging and take an extended amount of time to dry.


There are 2 ways to erase in your Infinity Notebook:  

1. Wipe away ink with a damp cloth or paper towel. This is the ideal method of erasing as it also removes any ink residue.  

2. Use the eraser included with your writing utensil by gently rubbing it over the ink. This works best for fixing small mistakes or fine erasing. 


Once the pages are clean and dry, they are ready to reused.


Infinity Notebooks are discbound to allow for endless customization, by swapping covers and pages.

The durable, tear-resistant pages can be added, turned, and removed thousands of times without damage.  

We plan on expanding our selection of discbound items in the future.

Infinity Notebooks are compatible with most popular discbound systems, so you have the ability to swap in products from other lines.


Infinitely Reusable: The pages in the Infinity Notebook were designed to be infinitely reusable. Ink from the supported writing utensils will bond to the paper and stay put, but will wipe completely clean with a moist towel.  

Customizable: The Infinity Notebook was designed as a discbound notebook to allow for endless customization. Since the pages are highly tear-resistant, they can be added / moved / removed whenever you want.

Durable: The pages of the Infinity Notebook are made from a durable, polyester (synthetic) paper. Both the covers and the pages are highly tear resistant and completely waterproof.  

A Look Inside

The cover of the Executive Size Infinity Notebook is 8.5" x 6" (21.54cm x 15.24cm) making it easy to take with you. 

Each Infinity Notebook includes: 
• One Pilot FriXion Pen
• Durable poly front and back covers (6 colors to choose from)
• 8 black binding discs 
• Use and care instructions
• 30 ruled pages (15 sheets) 
• 6 checklist pages (3 sheets) 
• 4 mini checklist pages (2 sheets)